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In-Depth #3


“Stretch your limits once in a while. You may find you have more range than you thought.”

Since I still haven’t done my knowledge test yet, all I am capable of is preparing myself for it.  Besides studying the traffic rules and learning the ways of the road, I have been speaking with some new drivers to understand more about their experiences of actually being on the road.

For most of us, driving is such a common scene that we fail to see how difficult it really is.  One of my friends that recently got her “L” said that being put in a real situation and learning to cope with it is extremely stressful, “You are not simply pushing the gas pedal and turning the wheels on a road, you are actually watching for hazards being alert all the time”.

From time to time, I witness the suffering of new drivers:  frustrated drivers yelling or honking at them for driving too slow, making rash judgements because of impatient drivers rushing you…etc.  I would be lying if I said I was not scared, because I would be just like them in a couple of days.  But fortunately, I have found a great mentor who is being very supportive even though I have not exactly started lessons with him yet.

Well stay tuned for some real driving in 2 weeks!

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